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Arctic Terns

600_3925-ec_wIn my last posts, I gave you a slight overview on the birds living around Iceland. Today I picked some photos taken at Jökulsárlón. Between the lake and the parking ground, there is a huge breeding place of the arctic terns. Thousands of birds are constantly commoting from their nest to the lake from fishing and back. Skuas are also in the crowd. Always ready to force a tern to give up her prey.

Take care!

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11 thoughts on “Arctic Terns”

    1. yes, our actions really change the world. Think of chains. Chains of effects. We produce more and more methane, carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide resulting in global warming. Thus, glaciers disappearing and cold-depending animals have to move north or in way higher mountainous regions. Other will disappear completely. Not only on the earth, also below in the oceans. Our complete planet is out of balance.

      1. Yes it is. Instead of appreciating it, we destroyed it until the only thing it can do to begin to heal is divest itself of the problem.

        1. Selfishness and the profit motive of businesses (or at least business leaders/ CEOs) are driving the planet to the limit. No consideration for our roommates, neither plants nor animals. It’s anybody’s jobs to try to stop the bandwagon by changing his/her behavior, grocery shopping style (linen instead of plastic) and try to repair instead of throwing old or broken things away.
          And, most importantly, never-ever move the polluting productions or dismountings to poor countries without any environmental conservation laws instead of trying to find a (probably little more expensive) less- or non-polluting method or technique.

          1. We choose to ‘forget’ we are merely guests on this planet and WHO in their right mind would tolerate such guests. I heard this cliche as a child and have hung onto it as a motto for life. “Live simply so others may simply live.”

            1. How true, Léa, how true.
              In German we have a saying “Leben und leben lassen” (live and let live), meaning something similar to the laisse-fraire-style. I live my style and I allow anybody else, to live their style. As long, as nobody else is harmed or disturbed. But, there’s a double meaning in it. It can also be understood by “live and die”. The term “leben lassen” can mean both, depending on the context. I “let live” or I “give up my live” and in this short form even “to make s.o. die”.

              1. Language is fascinating. Unfortunately I came from a ‘place’ that doesn’t believe in learning other languages… This makes it more difficult for my learning in my adopted Country but never say never.
                Yes, I am familiar with the phrase ‘live and let live’. I use to use that but prefer the other. C’est la vie!

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