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Katla Geopark

600_6681-s_wToday, I take you to Fjaðrárgljúfur. This creek was digged by the river Fjaðrá and it will give you an idea how mighty water is.

The walls of this canyon are up to 100m tall and the valley is about 2 km long. Although, it is part of a nature conservation area, you’re allowed to hike through the valley. But, be prepared to either walk back the same path or climb up a narrow path at a certain place inside the valley to come back. You often have to cross the river on the trail. So, bring shoes for walking through the water.

I didn’t take the hike through the valley myself. I only looked inside the valley from the cliffs. In one of the photos you can see a few people hiking along the river. Can you find them? Do you see them? How tiny they are? I highly recommend to plan your trips very carefully and don’t take any risky tasks. Iceland is a rough country. The fantastic landscape won’t forgive any carelessness on your trips, as you might have already seen in my previous posts.

In another photo you can see a small bridge in the background. Here they have a parking ground. Even big enough to bear a few busses. You can also find here a public restroom.

More photos are in the slideshow below.

Take care!

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23 thoughts on “Katla Geopark”

  1. Fascinating! ,Especially so since my late uncle served in Iceland as a radio operator during World War II. Have you read “Above the Circle”, by Marty Basch, 1997?

      1. No. My uncle passed on last month at 93. He used to come home on leave. Barb and I were dyed in the wool tandem cyclists up to a couple of years ago. I wrote a monthly column in “Oregon Cycling Magazine” for about four years. WE pedaled thousands of miles before she had to give it up because of arthritis in her knees. I have a special interest in cycling publications.

        1. Ah, thank’s for clarification, Scott.
          I like hiking more, because you can see more of the landscape. The bike often is like “a fifth wheel on a car” when it comes to photography. Without a bike you can roam around more easily. Although, you are way slower and can’t make a distance in such a short time. On the other hand, my wife likes cycling more, because she’s able to see more in a shorter time. What a conflict 😦
          Over the last few years I started photo trips with friends and go on vacation with her. That’s our solution to this problem.

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