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600_8496-s_wDid you miss the waterfalls in the last weeks here in my Iceland series? They are back 🙂

One short stop at Skógafoss. The water falls about 60m and is about 25 broad. It is quite easy to reach, because it is located right beside the Route 1, the Ring-Street. Which is surrounding the whole island. Thus, this one is easily to watch even by disabled people. The downside is, many people are here.

A quite big parking ground, a camping site and a hotel are completing the scene right hand from the waterfall and in the back of me, while photographing the above scene. You even could step up stairs to two or three platforms on the right side of the fall up to the top of the hill. Because of the weather conditions I passed on that and stayed on the water level.

Take care!

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6 thoughts on “Skógafoss”

    1. You must have a dream, Indah, at least one. That’s one thing,m that keeps us alive 🙂
      You even might have more than one 🙂

  1. My opinion is that river and landscape above the waterfall is more impressing. So sad to hear that you’ve not climbed the stairs.

    1. maybe next time, Volker.
      As you can see, the weather conditions were not that good, when we were there. But, it’s already on my bucket list for the next time 🙂

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