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chasing the moon

610_3078-e_wYesterday evening I was out for chasing the supermoon. A clear sky and a moonrise shortly before sunset proposed a good view. Thus, I went uphill to the south and keep the big city in my back.

I arrived about half an hour before sunset to look for a good spot and used the opportunity to get some sunset images. The opposite side, where the moon rises, was not in that good shape 😦

A thin layer of clouds and dust-covered the moon constantly. The snap in the gallery is the best possible shot 😦 You can recognize a slight light corona around the moon. That’s the reflection and distortion of the moonlight ins this cloudy layer.

But, the sunset images are the compensation. The clouds were a perfect canvas for the setting sun to paint wonderful colors in the sky.


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7 thoughts on “chasing the moon”

  1. These are some wonderful photos. You can never go wrong with a few sunset shots. The moon turned out just as wonderful (you should see my attempt from last night…eeeek) Thank You for sharing!

  2. I love the green grass with the sunset, the close-up of the birds sitting there against the sunrise/sunset, and the evening shot with the city lights in the distance. Really beautiful!

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