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at the airfield

610_3142_wYesterday, I met with my friends at the monthly photographers roundtable. This time we were visiting a small airfield. The owner of this airfield, a local air sports club, organized an event. Several old aircrafts were there. All of them still in operation. I love such old aircrafts. Sports airplanes, old gliders (from the 1950s), a stunt flying aircraft from the 1960s and especially a few old biplanes. Unfortunately, there was no chance, to come closer to them. They were parked at the side of the airfield, but behind a cutoff. Thus, I have had to use my long tele lens instead of the macro lens 😦

Because of bad weather, some flights were skipped. Also the tandem drops, the hot air balloons and the night glow had to be canceled. The Pilots of RC controlled model planes with combustion engines also have had only small windows to show their skills in controlling their aircrafts at flight.

I really love those small airfields. When I was a teenager, my parents were with me and my younger brother in Lugano, canton Tessin in Southern Switzerland next to Northern Italy. Right next to the hotel, there was a similar airfield, but with a paved runway. Every free minute, I was there. Standing beside the runway at the railings and awaiting every single plane with my Kodak Instamatic 65X Box camera for 126er film cassettes. What a time! When I have heard the noise of an engine, I started running, grabbing my camera and haven a look, if there is a new aircraft arriving. I’ve collected planes on film 🙂  – No, I’m not a plane spotter, now. There is so much more outside to see. But, I still love these small airfields. Standing beside the runway, following the starting aircrafts with my eyes and dreaming of sitting inside of one of them. Most likely one of the old, open biplanes.

But today … I only have some pannings from starting and landing aircrafts, the stunt flyer and some ground activities for you.


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5 thoughts on “at the airfield”

  1. Lovely photos, but it must have been ever so frustrating for the organizers and visitors alike to have so many events cancelled. It sounds like the UK! Still, I am sure it was a great day out for all concerned. 🙂

    1. Thanks, Fatima.
      Yesterday, here in my home town was the annual fun fair parade (https://solaner.wordpress.com/2013/09/16/watching-the-parade/). I wasn’t there, because we have had heavy rain again – what a pity for the volunteer actors. They have worked so much to create the costumes and the wagons. According to our newspaper only about 10,000 people were along the track. Usually there are many more people watching.
      This was a very wet and cold summer, although the statisticians proclaimed 2015 as one of the hottest years ever. I don’t know, where they have looked on. – confused –

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