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Monochrome Tuesday: bridge

btw. you can click on the image to see it a bit bigger!

You’re a regular reader and you’re surprised seeing a different topic as usual on Tuesdays? Don’t wonder. Leanne Cole, the organizer of Monochrome Madness, is currently on vacation. Though, she pauses for a few weeks. But, I put a monochrome image online for you, anyway.

As you might have seen, this weeks topic at weekly photo challenge at The Daily Post is ‘connected’. I already have put my contribution online on Friday evening. It was a different interpretation, than Ben from WordPress might have had in his mind, when he published the theme. Here, I have a second post for that theme. But, this time way more following his idea 🙂

Take care!


10 thoughts on “Monochrome Tuesday: bridge”

  1. Interesting angle and that makes it special 🙂
    I am trying out InLinkz linking system for Monday Monochrome post, basically it opens for monochrome photos posts from Monday to Thursday. Old posts are welcomed too..and of course you are welcomed to link your post there 🙂 It is on my Monday’s post..

    1. Thanks, Indah. I already found it in your post earlier today and gave it a try. Maybe there are a few more lovers of monochrome images 🙂
      I still have to figure out, how to include it in the proper way. This time, I uploaded the link manually.

  2. 😛 first it looked like two Eiffel tower being connected from the top.
    I realised the reality much later,
    Beautiful click.

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