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Monochrome Tuesday: blowball

btw. you can click on the image to see it a bit bigger!

You’re a regular reader and you’re surprised seeing a different topic as usual on Tuesdays? Don’t wonder. Leanne Cole, the organizer of Monochrome Madness, is currently on vacation. Though, she pauses for a few weeks. But, I put a monochrome image online for you, anyway.

Summer’s nearly over, now. Meteorologists declare September 1st to be the first day of fall, although the astronomical start of fall is tomorrow. I hope, you enjoyed your summer (in case, you live in the northern hemisphere, like I do) or your winter (in the southern hemisphere).

September 23rd is the day, when day and night are of the same length, just like on March 20th. This happens, when the sun crosses the equator. Because of the tracks of our planet through the universe is not exactly balanced with the earth rotation, these moments can differ a few hours. Thus, it is i.e. 23rd in one year and 22nd in the other. The same is true for the crossing in spring.

Take care!


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