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I don’t look back in anger

600_9195-s_wThis is my last post on Iceland in this series. Unfortunately. Just like the line “All beauty must die” by Nick Cave, everything has an end. ( – but, only the wurst has two of them).

Iceland is a fantastic country. Beautiful landscapes. Rough on the first hand, but also lovely and tender on the other hand. I hope, to return soon and see more of these fascinating landscapes.img_0989-w

Although, we have had a lot of rain during our trip, I felt in love with this island. Thus, I don’t look back in anger. Rain is an essential part of the island. I guess, I already mentioned it in one of my past posts. It’s because of the gulf stream, which brings warm water from the Caribbean sea to the north Atlantic ocean. In the colder area steam goes up in the air and fells down as rain. So, the island is very green and has lots of huge rivers.

IMG_1660Our gear often looked like being soaked in one of the rivers, when coming back from a trip. A friend of mine took the image of his camera with his mobile right after we came back from a short trip to our rental car. We were glad, our cameras are sealed against spray. I always have had a micro fiber cloth by the hand to make the lens spot free and to dry the complete camera or even use it as a rain protection. Nevertheless, our gear has had a very hard time during that trip :-(, but fortunately every single part survived 🙂

Now, as a review, I assembled a slideshow for you. It contains my favorite images from that trip. It was a very hard job, to select the essence from my photo archive. The whole series on Iceland started back in January  – not counting the single images I used i.e. for Monochrome Madness the year before. You can find all the Iceland related posts by simply using the category tag ‘iceland‘.

So, now lean back and enjoy a selection of 56 fantastic images of Iceland.

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11 thoughts on “I don’t look back in anger”

  1. Those photos of the ice are stunning, but actually, all of them are gorgeous.

  2. those images of Iceland are just beautiful .. what a wonderful collection. I would so love to go there (with my camera :D). I couldn’t believe the water on that camera .. thank goodness it is sealed phew!

    1. One of our group members didn’t have had a sealed camera (one of the low end Canon DSLRs). So, she has had only her mobile and a small compact camera while her DSLR stopped working. During one hike I’ve had some moisture in my lens (24-120). Lenses are usually not sealed. Especially zoom lenses. Every time you use the zoom, the lens ‘breathes in’ some air filled with moisture. When the rain stopped and the sun came back, this moisture condensed on the inside lenses and made the front lens opaque. Luckily it vanished over time and didn’t left any spots at the inside parts of the lenses.
      But, only having a 14-24 and 80-400 on my full frame camera is kind of bad in these landscapes. Fortunately I was borrowed a wide angle lens, whenever I needed one. A big fortune when traveling in groups.
      I always have some of these silica gel pads in my backpack to catch some of the moisture. And over night I packed everything out, zoomed all lenses to their maximum and placed them on the floor heating to get dry again.
      Currently, I’m considering my next trip for June.

  3. Amazing! Your photos and this area of the world. Thank you for leading me here. Now I have one more place on my list to visit!

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