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The countdown has come to his end!

dsc_3080-ec_wToday is December 24th, Christmas Eve.

Today I want to tell you a bit on Christmas and how it is celebrated here in Germany.

In case December 24th is a weekday from Monday to Saturday, it is a common working day. But, at about 2 p.m. all the shops close. Many offices, instead are already closed this day. So, the cities and shopping centers are crowded this morning. Many male shoppers are in the streets, those, who forgot to buy a suitable present for their wives.

Many women are also in the shops. They fetch the pre-ordered food: meat, bread or cakes. Butchers, bakeries and fishmongers open very early this day and often have a different counter for those people, who want to collect the usually pre-paid pre-orders.

When I was a child, the grannies went with their grand-kids to a theater or a cinema and watch a play or a movie for the kids to shorten the time until they get their presents for Christmas and, more important, to give the parents time, to prepare the living room with the Christmas tree and the gifts. Nowadays the TV took over the grannies’s role.

You might already got the point, here we don’t have Father Christmas or Santa Clause coming in the night from 24th to 25th. Here we celebrate Christmas in the evening of December 24th.

The next two days, which are holidays, are used for visiting the parents. One spouses parents on 25th and the other spouses parents on December 26th.

Visiting a service at a church is not that common anymore. Some churches start at 5 p.m. with their Christmas service others at 10 p.m. For many people visiting a Christmas service, is this the only time of the year entering a church for visiting the service.

So, I wish you a happy, peaceful and joyful Christmas time wherever you are and whatever tradition, country, religions or ethical group you belong to.

How about you. Maybe you write a bit about the Christmas traditions from where you live.

Take care!

18 thoughts on “The countdown has come to his end!”

  1. This is a lovely post. I just returned from Germany with my church choir. We gave concerts. I loved the country. So beautiful! I am wondering with all the beautiful churches, why don’t the people take their families to a service? Merry Christmas to you!

      1. I believe it’s called Zaarland. Southwestern part. Beautiful! We sang at churches in St. Wendel, Säärbrucken, Kaiserslautern, a university at Pirmasens, Christmas markets, and homes for the elderly. Wonderful people! We also spent a day touring Munich. Beautiful and so much history. It’s my second year going and I hope to return next year!

        1. Hey, that’s a long tour. From Saarland in the mid-west, right at the French border, to Munich. It’s the youngest state, with it’s capitol Saarbrücken. Both named have the river Saar in their name. You tour sound like a lot of stress, driving around so much and having so many concerts.
          I’ve never been in Saarland up to now, although it’s only about 300 km from where I live. But, it’s so far away from the main routes.

          1. We were there for 10 days and had a nice tour bus, which proved to be great fun! Yes, we did a lot of driving but it was not stressful at all. We were well taken care of. A great place to stay. A 12th century castle at Thallictenberg, great food, a long time of rest (morning and after lunch). We would leave at 2pm in the afternoon. We did a home for the elderly or a Christmas market, then the concerts in the evening. We had very good organizers. We started off in Munich with two days of rest combined with a tour. We also enjoyed shopping at the Christmas markets. Wow! Next time I think I’ll pay for an extra piece of luggage to bring home more gifts! Saarland is beautiful. Foothills of the Alps.

                1. Definitely a great choice. But, that’s the South!
                  I’ve had ie. Cologne, the Rhine-Area or the Saurland in mind. Or even the eastern parts with Dresden, Leipzig or Erzgebirge at the Czech border

                  1. I’m sure it’s all beautiful. Would love to explore everything! You have such a wonderful country. The people were so nice to us. And everything is so clean!!!

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