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The 2015 Selection

You might remember my post two days ago, when I put a movie online containing the essence of my year 2015. For today, I put these images in the sieve again and distilled the (IMHO) best shots from a technical and / or creative point of view. This post is also my submission to Jim Goldstein’s blog project. He asked us, for reviewing our own images taken during the past year and select the top 5 to (max) 10 images. For doing so, he gave us some strategies by directing us to his 10 rules published on dos a few years ago.

I guess, it’s always a good idea, to review your own images every now and then. You can learn from the mistakes you’ve made, as well as from the top results. Don’t hesitate to review your best shots from the years before, too. You probably won’t pick the same images again, because you’ve made some progress in your photography skills. Reviewing your old images from a technical and / or creativity perspective can help you, to make some further progress.

Here are my top 10 images – the 11th image was chosen by friends and runs out of competition.

By clicking on one of the images, you can see them bigger in a gallery ans scroll through them more easily with your mouse or by using the cursor keys of your keyboard. For this preview they are downsized, as usual.

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Take care!