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Monochrome Madness 2-39

mm39-dsc_9023-e2_wIt’s Tuesday, and thus it’s time for Monochrome Madness organized by Leanne Cole.

Although, we’ve winter here, it’s not as cold as it should be. This was my first Christmas in t-shirts. We’ve had temperatures around 10-18°C, while we were supposed to have -10°C or so. While I’m writing this post, we have had 5-9°C. That’s much to warm. Many flowers didn’t stop blooming, others are starting in their next blooming period. We’ve even heard birds singing their wedding songs. Gosh, we have early January and not mid March. It could (and probably will) became colder again.

The image above was taken on December 23rd back in 2009. The last time we have had a white Christmas and the first one for many, many years (not saying decades). You know, I don’t like winter. But, having mosquitos in the air in early January isn’t that nice, either.

During the last weeks we have had much of rain here. If it would be colder, we would have much snow now. Snow looks nice in photos, but it’s also a burden and lots of hard work when it comes to driving your car and cleaning the sidewalks. Ice and snow endanger the traffic in the streets. Mountains of removed snow decrease parking lots and the available space on the sidewalks. Each individual has to spend time to clean the sidewalks several times a day, at least after each snowfall. Thus, I’m not too unhappy about the quite higher temperatures.

Our whole climate is out of balance. All these man-made climatic changes endanger our source of life. Droughts on one hand and overfloodings on the other hand endanger our food, as well as heavy storms during the enlarged hurricane periods endanger our houses, roads, infrastructure and countries. Not mentioning the results of changed streams in the oceans (i.e. think of the El Niño phenomena in the south pacific).

According to the weather channel, we have a low-pressure area over Russia and Siberia. Low-pressure areas always rotate clockwise in the northern hemisphere and thus this brings very low temperatures to East- and North-Europe. Over the Atlantic Ocean we have a corresponding high-pressure area, that brings warm and wet air to West- and South-Europa, because high-pressure areas always rotate counter-clockwise in the northern hemisphere. And that’s the reason, why big parts of Germany have very mild temperatures while people in Poland perished by cold.

Take care!