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Welcome to Corfu

610_7298-s_wToday, I’m taking you on to another trip. I’d like to introduce you to the beautiful greek island of Corfu. If you’ve read Ililas, the book written by Homer telling the stories of Odysseus wandering through the Mediterranean Sea on his trip back home to Ithaka after the end of the Trojan war, you might already read about Corfu. In those ancient times the Phaiakens used to live there. Corfu was the last station on Odysseus’ trip. They led him home to Ithaka, where he came right to save his wife and his crown. No-one believed, Odysseus might be still living 10 years after the end of the Trojan war. But, that’s a totally different story 🙂

Those of you, familiar with the Austrian Empire might think of Impress Sissi (Elizabeth of Austria-Hungary), the wife of Imperator Franz. She used to live here, in a palace called Achilleion, for some years to recover from here melancholy after her son’s death. She called the palace after Achill, another of the greek heroes during the Trojan War.

Or, if you’re familiar with the royal family of Great Britain, you’d think you HRH Prince Philip, the husband of Queen Elizabeth II. He was born in Palace Mon Repos on Corfu as Prince of Greece and Denmark.

But, I’m putting all these apart and tell you a bit more about the island itself. It’s the most norther Greek island. It’s locate in the Ionic sea, not far, west of the Albanian coast. The shortest distant is only about 1.5 km as the bird flies. West of Corfu, you can find the heel of the Italian boot (you know, the shape of Italy is similar to a top boot.

For today, I assembled a very short gallery as a starter. All of the images are taken from the balcony of our hotel around sunrise. You can see the Albanian hills on the other side of the sea and parts of the castle at the left. And many, many swallow hunting insects over the sea. The windmill on the right, can be reached from the peninsula called Mon Repos. The palace, I mentioned above can also be found here.

Stay tuned!

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10 thoughts on “Welcome to Corfu”

  1. Definitely staying tune for more from Corfu. This was the second Greek island of several I have visited (after Crete, later came Lefkas, Karpathos, Samos, Kefalonia) and I remember it as varied (cliffs to the west, desert to the south) and very beautiful. We have seen it all by way of a crazy cross motorcycle my ex didn’t have a licence for but managed to rent all the same. Just seeing the light in your photos reminds me of how it was. Thank you!

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