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Winter Walk

610_5921-eh_wYesterday we have had a wonderful winters day. Sunny and a blue sky with some clouds. Because of a cloudless night we have had an icy night. But, at noon the temperature increased to about 5°C ( ~41°F). As you can see, the clouds are bringing the next rain from the west. But, in the meantime the sun was really reviving.

In the evening the rain started again and we got hard rain. But, in the morning we have had some sun again. Unfortunately, there was no time for another walk in the morning and in the afternoon the weather changed again 😦 The forecast also proposes much more rain for the next days.

A few months ago, I already showed an image in Monochrome Madness 9 taken at the same place, but during a snowy winter. See, how different it looks this year.

We made a small roundtrip for about an hour and the above one was the last image. A small selection of my images taken during that hike is in the slide-show below.

Have a good start in the next week.

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