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WPC: seasons

(as usual, you can see the photo enlarged, when clicking in it)

This week’s topic for the weekly photo challenge by “The Daily Post” is “seasons”

Although, this image is nearly one year old, but the weather conditions are nearly the same. It’s taken right in front of our kitchen window.

After a quite warm (around 7-10°C) and snow-less winter, we now have temperatures below 0°C and a little bit of snow every other day.

Snowdrops and crocuses are already blooming, and even many daffodils are out.

Take care have a great weekend!

(as usual, you can see the photo enlarged, when clicking in it)

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610_7351-e_wToday, I take you on a trip to the north-western coast for visiting an old castle built by the Venetian Republic many centuries ago when Corfu was part of their state.

It way uphill ist very steep, but well paved. At the foothill you can find a tiny parking lot and a restaurant. I wasn’t in the restaurant, because we have had another plan for that day.

Just in case, you plan to climb up to the castle, I’d recommend taking enough water with you. There is no option to get some (expect in the restaurant). But, it’s really worth climbing up to the castle, you have a wonderful sight over the cliffs and the sea. The air smells like a fresh pizza from all the wild herbs.

Stay tuned!

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