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How about Kumquat?

610_7967_wDid you ever heart this name? It’s a small fruit from the citrus family. I have to admit, I’ve never heart  of them before. The fruits look similar to very tiny oranges in color and structure, but the shape is a little bit like a long drawn-out egg or an olive. Their size is similar to a large olive or a date (fruit of the date palm)

You can’t eat them. They are very hard. But, the people got the idea to cook them very long. After about 2 days of cooking the fruits are edible and taste quite good. Now, they are sweet. You can get them candied or pickled in kumquat sirup. We tasted both variants. The candied variant was way too sweet in our opinion, but the pickled ones were good. We bought a 500 ml glass to take them home. The dealer (and producer) told us, even the open glass is good for another year. Thus, you don’t have to eat them all at ones. That’s good. In my opinion, you can’t eat more than two or three of them.

Other usages for the kumquats are making marmalade, syrup or liquor.

Stay tuned!

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21 thoughts on “How about Kumquat?”

  1. I love kumquats – they are quite odd being inside and sweet skinned unless you cook them. I rather think I might like the kumquat liqueur rather too much 🙂

    1. 🙂
      the liqueur is tasty, Osyth. Not as sweet as the marmalade or the crystallized fruits are.
      I recommend tasting the crystallized fruits before buying some. They are different, depending on the receipt of the producer. And I guess, it’S the same with the liqueur.

  2. You can use them to make a very tasty version of “Coq a l` orange”. Very yummy… If I ever going to skip my vegetarian diet than for that one… 🙂

      1. Sorry, not any more, we gave most of our “regular” cook books away when turning vegetarians. You can use any Coq à l’orange receipt and replace the oranges with kumquats. Just cut them in half or quarters (depends on how big they are)… and I remember you have to add orange juice and liquid honey – or orange liqueur instead.

        1. What a pity, you throw them away. But, thanks to your hints, I’ll give it a try.
          How many kumquats did you use? Did you replace the weight of the oranges by the same amount of kumquats?

          1. I don’t know such details any more, sorry. But you add them right at the beginning, and the sugar/honey is important. Usually my husband is the chef and I am his assistance…

  3. Lovely images, as for not eating them: the first thing my father told me about them after planting a bush in his garden, and it’s doing really well, was: “Look, a new kind of citrus, you can eat them with the peel and all!” 😀

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