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Old Venetian Village

610_7541-e_wIn the northern hills you can find a hidden gem. Somewhere in the wild you can find the remains of an old, abandoned village. It was built in the age of the Venetian Empire, several centuries ago.

Today, the village isn’t lost anymore. Someone started to reconstruct the ruins some years ago. Some of them are already renewed, while others are still broken. Although, it’s an interesting place to visit. Three of the houses are restaurants, now. You can sit in the lovely veranda and have a fantastic meal (at least in the restaurant I was in). They use local, traditional receipts for cooking.

To come here, you have to take a small road with only very few signs for several kilometers. I guess, it was about 30 minutes from the main road. I knew about this village in advance and the visit was planned. But, I didn’t got any map with directions to get there. I also didn’t see any hints in the streets. So, I drove in the assumed¬†direction and asked in a shop how to get there. Here I got the necessary hints to find the first direction sign and got it managed to get there.The whole village is hidden in the hills and a small road brings you there. The roads here are in very bad conditions. The tiny parking lot for about 4 or 5 cars isn’t paved. Instead it looks like a digger has only removed some soil to make a bit of room for cars. You have to park your car on the bare ground. Also the sides of the road. Here you have soft shoulders. Thus it is quit risky to park here in case the parking lot is full. And, the road is only a little bit broader than a car. I guess, you got the idea. The whole road is very small, just like many others we passed on our trips on Corfu. Small and narrow roads, soft shoulders and only in extremely dangerous places a railing. As I already mentioned, the island has many very steep mountains. So, the streets are carved in the mountain sides and they are not broader than absolutely necessary. Every now and then you can find coves where the street is a bit wider and you can give room for the opposing traffic to pass you (or vice versa).

Take care!

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