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WPC: Half-Light

This week’s topic for the weekly photo challenge by “The Daily Post” is “Half-Light”610_1532-ec_w

Today’s post should be inspired by a poem, very or a song lyric.

My post and image are inspired by the poem “Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening” by Robert Frost. The simpleness of the scene Robert Frost describes in his poem, impresses me. I came in touch with the poem during the movie “Telephone” with Charles Bronson, many years ago. Recently, I googled for it again and it still impresses me.

“Miles to go before I sleep” is the anchor for my image. Although, it’s ‘to drive’ nowadays and a car instead of a horse pulled wagon or sleigh.

Take care have a great weekend!

(as usual, you can see the photo enlarged, when clicking in it)