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Wanna go shopping

610_8461-s_wToday, I want to make you along trough the narrow alleys of the Old town of Corfu Town. Many, many tiny shops are on the sides. Some for the inhabitants and many more for the tourists. You can buy gifts, food, alcohol (ouzo and kumquat liquor), olive oil, soap, clothes, wooden stuff, sponges and many, many more products.

I’d recommend, going in the old town not before 2 p.m. or so. In the mornings the alleys are very crowded. The harbor is not far away and Corfu is a common station for the huge cruise ships. So, the cruise ship passengers can walk from the ships to the old town of Corfu town in a few minutes. But, in the afternoons the alleys are less frequented and you can walk around more easily.

The old town is quite big for such a small town and island. A few impressions you can get in my gallery below.

Take care!

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