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The Esplanade

610_7786-e_wThere is a huge open space between the old town of Corfu Town and the ocean, called Esplanade. Here you can find access to one of the two castles, horse-drawn carriages, a parking ground and a big park. Inside the park, there are two interesting locations:
– Maitland’s Rotonda: this small ionic round temple is a memorial for the british Lord High Commissioner Sir Thomas Maitland (1816-24 in Corfu), who hast build a new water supply system for Corfu Town. It is located just above one of the new cisterns.
– a memorial with seven bronze reliefs for the union of the ionic islands with the greek main land back in 1864. Each of them represents on of the seven main island. Corfu is represented by the Phaiaken boat. I told you a bit about those people and their role in the story of Odysseus (sometimes calles Ulysses) in one of my past posts.

The place itself was created in the 17th century when Corfu was a part of the Venetian Empire for defending the island mor easily by having more room for using cannons. Today, it us used for more peaceful activities and as a meeting point for the locals. To the west, the place is limited by high residential buildings from the early 19th century. Some of these building have arcaded sidewalks called liston. Here you can find sidewalk cafés, restaurants and bars with tables outside waiting for tourists and locals.

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