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The old castle of Corfu Town


610_7862-s_wI mentioned it before, Corfu town has two big old castles. One of them is way older than other. Today I want to show you some impressions¬†from the older one. It’s very present in front of the old town. Departed by a moat from the Esplanade.

You have to pay an entrance fee, but in the evening (from about an hour before sunset) you can go inside for free. But, the museum and the chapel are closed now. You can go inside for free, because there is a restaurant inside the castle.

Although, it looks big from the outside, it seems to be much bigger, when standing inside. I don’t know, how many soldiers once were living here guarding the town and the whole island. Once, there were 4 castles around the island. We visited 3 of them: Angelocastro, the old castle of Corfu town (this one) and the new castle (next post). The high density of big castles for such a small island might give you an idea of the importance of this island for the Venetian Empire. Corfu was their main source of olive oil. In those times the people needed olive oil for many more purposes than simply for cooking. They made soap from the olive oil and used it for their lamps. It was a very important product.

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