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The new castle of Corfu Town

610_8837_wI guess, you might have expected this weeks topic, when being a regular reader of my blog. Last week I introduced you to the old castle, thus I focus on the new castle this week. Don’t get me wrong. Although, this castle is called the new one, it’s also old. But, it’s newer than the old one.

It’s located ‘behind’ the old town and above the harbor. So, the old town is located between two big, old castles. When walking up, to the castle, don’t forget to turn around. You will have a fantastic view over the old town and the old castle in the back. You also have a good sight overt harbor and the huge cruise ships.

There’s also a small entry fee for adults (minors are free). But, you can use the ticked as a voucher for a drink at the exit. We were up there in the late afternoon, when the setting sun was about to paint the old town golden. Unfortunately, there were lots of clouds that day and it was our last evening. So, there wasn’t a change to postpone the visit. But, after waiting a while I got the image of the old town in the right light. Pew!

Take care!

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