Hanami or let the show begin again

610_4264-s_wFirst of May. Spring is already 6 weeks old. Although the last weeks were very cold for a spring and we have had snow and hail storms this last week. Often only 2-3°C. But, now the forecast says, we’re getting warmer weather for the next week. Today we have had a sunny day and so I went out with my camera and collected some spring flowers for you.

I even stumbled over Pulmonaria officinalis, Wikipedia said, common names were lungwort, common lungwort or Our Lady’s milk drops. Here, we also have several common names. I like the name “Brüderchen und Schwesterchen” most. Literally translated into english, this is something like “little brother and little sister”. That’s because, each stalk has a pair of blossoms: one in blue and one in pink.

Take care!

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6 thoughts on “Hanami or let the show begin again

  1. It’s been very cold here too and to make matters worse our boiler broke down and we jad no central heating for over 2 weeks!!! I felt very strongly like moving back to Spain.
    I love your cherry blossom and the German name for longwort: far nicer. Thanks for sharing. 👍

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