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610_8060-ec_wOur first stop on the trip to the west coast was Kanoni, a very picturesque location. A must-to-visit for every Corfu traveller (unfortunately, also the cruise ship travelers know this). It belongs to Corfu Town, but is located some kilometers away from the Old Town. We were here very early: at 9 a.m. right before the first busses arrived. When we left, about half an hour later, we found our, we won’t have got a place for our car, if we only arrive a few minutes later. It’s a very, very tiny parking lot. The busses arrive here, let the people leave the bus and drive at bit further to wait for the tourists to come back. I’d recommend, to be here not later than 8:30 or in the evening.

This is a very iconic view on Corfu, although it’s located in the entry lane of Corfu airport. On the tiny island in the back you can find a cloister. The bigger boats in the foreground are ferries to bring you over to there. We skipped that because of the masses of tourists behind us.

Take care!

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