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making your camera strap interchangeable

DSC_7430 KopieEach camera comes with a strap. Usually a branded strap, shouting out the brand and sometimes even the model name of your camera. There are also unbranded straps available in the shops for those, who don’t like the design of the default strap or don’t want to show everyone “I have this high-pricy camera”.

There are also some camera straps for certain purposes available, i.e. a diagonal-strap. I own one of these and like it for certain purposes.  I always have the default strap on my camera. But i.e. for city tours I like the diagonal strap more, because it’s easier to change lenses out of my backpack. Usually I have a shoulder bag with me. And, having a shoulder bag, the default strap is fine. But, when having my backpack, the diagonal strap brings more security for the gear while changing lenses. Also on hiking tours with my backpack. Or, when having two cameras with me: the full-frame body with a wide-angle lens and the crop body with a tele-zoom lens.

All this comfort of a diagonal strap is paid with the necessity to remove the default strap. Having both of them on the camera is not a good idea. The diagonal straps are usually attached at the tripod socket. So, the attached default strap would stand in the way. Thus, remove it. Or, …. wait. That’s very complicated. Remove and reattach the default strap over and over again. So, I was looking for an easier solution.

A friend of mine has found some tiny carabiner at a climbing store. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to get some too. I didn’t find any store having them. In some Chinese internet stores I found some tiny dongles made from plastic. But, I didn’t trust them. They looked too fragile, although there were offered for cameras. My camera weights 760g and the default lens another 710g. My tele-zoom lens actually 1,570g.

Finally, I got an idea. Lets have a look at a fishing store. Here you can find some tiny gear to attach fishing-hooks to the fishing-line. And, a catched fish brings many kilos on the gear while trying to escape. So, the material has to be very strong. I checked a store and was able to get some suitable connectors. The hooks are good for 88kg!!!! That’s way more than I need. But, hey, it’s fine!

Now I have remodeled my camera straps and I like it very much. I now have it for about two years and I’m very happy with the solution.

Happy snapping 🙂

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