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Visiting Sissi

610_8114-e2_wI guess, I already mentioned Empress Sissi (Elisabeth of Austria-Hungary) used to live some years on Corfu. Here palace Achilleon (called after the ancient greek hero Achill, who died during the Trojan War) is above the cliffs not far away from Corfu Town. Today, it’s a museum. Although, we were quite early (before 10 a.m.) and before the beginning of the main traveling season, the parking ground was extremely crowded. Many, many travel busses with tourists from everywhere and even more rental cars stood in front of the palace. Finally we found a tiny free parking slot and walked up to the entrance. This fact and the high entrance fee held me back to enter the area. You can visit the park and the palace. Despite I guess, it’s interesting, I skipped the visit. Instead, I walked around to find a viewpoint to see the palace from the street, but unfortunately, that’s not possible because of a fence and dense bushes behind the fence.

So, we went back to our car, followed the street downhill and came back to the coast to look for a place to spot the palace from here. Below the palace, there uses to be a bridge crossing the coastal street to connect the palace to the ocean. While the pier is still there, the bridge is gone. We stopped near the pier and tried to see the palace from here. Unfortunately, high palm trees hindered your eyes from seeing the palace from here.

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