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Monochrome Madness 3-07



This is my contribution to Monochrome Madness organized by the Australian photographer Leanne Cole. Check her site on Wednesday evening (CET) to see the other contributors images. It’s always great to see the great variety of monochrome images from different photographers from different parts of the world.

My image is from my trip to the coast the weekend before last. I like the evening mood very much. It’s so calm. The sun got reflected on the sea and the warm ambient in the original image hides, how strong the wind blew that day. You know, without the strong wind none of the kites would have been out there 🙂

I like the contrast in the image. Although it is split in two halfs, which usually has to be avoided in image composition. But, here it works very well in my opinion. We have the rough sea opposite to the calm woman on the bench in the lower half and the calm sky to the very active kites in the upper half. And also, the calm sky verses the rough sea. Additionally, the resting woman sits opposite to the bulk of the active moving kites and looks at them. An image full of contrasts.


When looking at the original image (the lower one), you can see, it is kind of natural-born monochrome image. We have black silhouettes and the brownish-orange mood of the setting sun in the rest of the image. That’s all (ok – except the small area inside the two kites in the middle which are illuminated by the sun).

So, a monochrome image does not need to be converted to black and white for being a monochrome image.

Take care!