12 thoughts on “WPC: pure”

    1. 🙂
      That image is taken at a beekeeper. He proudly opened the beehives. Soon, I’ll put them online, too.
      And we wear able to taste his two kinds of honey. Interesting, how different it tastes, depending on the source of the pollens, nectar and ambrosia.

  1. Pure honey. Great idea for the challenge. I see a discussion about honey but none of bee pollen. Considered a superfood, we have two jars, but always forget to take it. Doesn’t do much good that way.

    1. thanks, Emilio.
      I also heard about the super-active honey from NZ. But, I never tasted it until now. It’s extremely expensive (more than 10 times compared to regular honey). And, I also read about some people getting allergic reactions after eating it.

      1. And yet the bee pollen is supposed to help if you have allergies. Go figure.

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