10 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday: mute swan”

  1. I have seen many swan photos but never one that was so full of light. It is as though the swan is cupping a bowl of light on a sea of light. Nice!

  2. While I have neither your skill or your cameras, I have some photos of the swans in Brugge I took several years ago and enjoy looking at them from time-to-time. Beautiful! Léa

    1. Thanks, Léa. Swans are so elegant birds and have such a majestic appearance.
      But, photography is always the eye, not the camera. You have to ‘see’ (~ feel) the photo. And you have to master your gear. And, it’s a question of being in the right point at the right time.
      A good photographer is able to create great images with a cheap camera. But, a fool with a too is still a fool. The other thing is, you have to manage your camera blind and all the limitations, to work around. Even the best or most expensive camera has many limitations. It’s the photographer, who is able to manage them.
      Ok, there are a few points, you can’t work around: i.e. taking underwater images with a camera not being able to be used under water. Or trying to take images from far away subjects with a wide-angel lens. That’s having the wrong gear for your preferred field.
      Thus, it’s better to spare money for one good lens fitting to your field of photography, than spending money on cheap lenses where the results disappoint you. Don’t get me wrong, these are peripheral areas, that need special gear (underwater, wildlife, sport and action). And, not every expensive lens is good. so, choose you gear well.

  3. I’m afraid I must do the best I can with my little point-and-shoot. However, I do appreciate your work. It is just that there is so much beauty here, I fear I can’t do it justice. Léa

    1. don’t give up so early, Léa. There are many good photographers around, taking their photographs with the camera in their mobiles. And, they are good. Having the right gear for your style, and you can create great images. It’s the eye. It’s always the eye.
      I got a Barbie cam (a toy! not a really camera) for my daughter many years ago (she was about 6 or 7 years old). It was a terrible cam: fixed focus length, fix focus, a tiny sensor with a very, very bad resolution ans space for about 10 images. Instead, you were able to decorate you images with flowers, hearts and frames. She took her gear, went in the kitchen and took some images from the tulips in the vase. Guess what: beside some not so interesting images, she took 2 perfect shots. Simply by following her eye, she was able to arrange the cam and has found the perfect angel for her shots. I was unable to find the angels again. Her images were better than mine, despite the bad colors and resolution as a result of the bad sensor. But, now I was able to guide her a bit. Tell her more about light, perspective and image aesthetic.
      After about 2 or 3 years with many further good images, she got a simple compact class camera and again came back with good results very often. When she finished school she got some money to buy an entry DSLR with a standard zoom.
      Unfortunately, she stopped taking photographs on a regular basis. But, my son now uses her gear. He’s also on a good way. You can find a bit from him here: http://legendaryjackson.wordpress.com

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