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Beside the road to Kavos

610_8538_wOn our way from Lefkimmi to Kavos, I was kind of surprised when I saw so many abandoned hotels, supermarkets and restaurants directly beside the main road. I know, there are some economic problems in Greece. These problems might als have an impact on entrepreneurs in the tourist industry. But, these buildings seemed to be abandoned for a quite long time. I don’t know, what happened here. This whole town is closed for a longer time, not only one the winter.

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8 thoughts on “Beside the road to Kavos”

  1. Sad to think about what happened to the people who lived and worked in these areas. Economic downturns harm so many people.

    1. Thanks, Kim!
      Painful for those, who used to live and work there. But, also painful for those having beautiful memories from there vacations over there.

  2. I saw the same on Crete island already a few years ago. There is a law in Greece that if you don’t finish a house, you shall not pay some taxes. So there are people who don’t finish them on purpose.

    1. that’s right, Awa, I also heard about that law. But, these houses are seemingly abandoned for years. Look at the plants, who big they are and the dust on the stuff.

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