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610_8577_wNext we arrived in the worst town of our trip: Kavos.

I know, there are a few destinations for party people. I.e Arenal on Mallorca, Benidorm in Spain, Sant Antoni and Santa Eulalia on Ibiza and so on. Some of these towns are the destination for party people from all European countries, while others are primarily for party people from a certain country. Kavos seems to belong to the second category. It seems to be focused on party people from the UK. How can I know? Simply by looking around. You know, Corfu belongs to Greece and in Greece you pay with Euro. But, here many restaurants and shops offered their goods also in Pounds and pence.

Today, the image gallery is a little bit longer as usual. I hope, you enjoy them.

Take care!

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5 thoughts on “Kavos”

  1. Oh, I remember seeing Kavos on the map down there. We thought we’d do the entire island in a week with an enduro-type motorcycle (we were able to rent it without a licence), but we decided to leave the south out. I see that it will not remain for the next time. 🙂 Thanks for showing it to us.

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