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Monochrome Madness 3-13


mm13-600_4273-eb_wToday, I’m taking you out to another visit in Cuba. Here we have the skyline of Havana right over the bahia at sunset. I think of my visit quite often. It was a very pleasant time. I’ve had many posts on that trip here in my blog. You can find them by using the tag cuba.

While writing this post, we have had a hot day (+27°C). That reminded me to that wonderful trip to Cuba. Although, it’s less hot here than on Cuba, it’s more uncomfortable here because of the high moisture. During the last weeks we have had so much rain. Many houses and streets got over-flooded. Strawberries are rotting in the fields. June was a complete fail when speaking about this summer until now. May was fine, but June was too wet. We often have had more liters of rain during a single rainstorm than usually during a complete average month! We even have a temperatures around 12-15°C. (we often have these temperatures during winter).
I hope, summer will finally come one day – hopefully very soon!

This is my contribution to Monochrome Madness organized by Leanne Cole. Look at here site, to see many more monochrome images created by many other talented photographers.

Take care!