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500px Red Bull Photography Global Photo Walk

600_1320-s_wJoin me for the 4th annual 500px Red Bull Photography Global Photo Walk on September 17, 2016! A German version of this invitation is also available in on my other blog.

This is your chance to get out and meet fellow photographers in your community who share your passion. You’ll share tips and tricks, make new friends, and of course – capture some inspiring images.

The theme of this year’s walk is “Action and Adventure.” Put on your walking, running, cycling (for this location probably not the best choice), or hiking shoes and capture the energy, motion, excitement, and movement of today’s fast-paced places and people.

We’re visiting a very exciting location in the north-western part of the Ruhrgebiet / Ruhr-Area: a former steel plant. Because of the location, this event is not only for Germans. The borders of the Netherlands and Belgium are not far away and even someone from northern France can make it here.

Instead of removing the buildings after closure of the factory, the area was transformed into a park and opened for the public. Now, you can watch, how nature reconquers the area. So, each visit gives you new angels of view, different subjects of interest and certainly different subjects to photograph. You can even climb up the blast furnace. On your way up, you can capture many interesting details and you have a fantastic sight from the top to the surrounding landscape.

No need to be a pro to attend! Grab whatever camera you have (DSLR, mobile phone, point-and-shoot) and join in the fun!

Note: You must register for a free ticket on Eventbrite to attend this event – click “Tickets Available” section, above, to register.

Consider joining the event page on Facebook, too, to get some more information during the next weeks.

Have fun!

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