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Corfu cats

610_7722-sc_wOn Corfu we saw many, many cats. Most of them quite shy, others trusting and curious. But, all of them very skinny. You can see easily, they have to work hard to make a living. Surprisingly, I didn’t see or hear any dog.

Not all of the images in the gallery below are mine. Half of them are taken by my company. He is also here at WordPress.

While I was driving our rental car, he was able to take some photos while we were on the road. So, he got the images where the cats are examining the waste bins.

Look in the lower right corner to see, which images he gave me. 🙂 To see some more images from Corfu, you could switch to his blog, too.

Take care!

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6 thoughts on “Corfu cats”

  1. I remember seeing many street cats in Cyprus and also when we lived in Egypt. I often wondered if the adoration of cats had spread across that part of the Med. Dogs are thought of as unclean in most Muslim cultures.

    1. cats are originaly from Africa and were domstized first in Egypt tousands of years ago. So, no wonder, you find many of them in warm (if not hot) countries. I didn’t know, dogs were considered unclean by muslims. It’s an interesting fact.
      You used to live in Egypt? One of my dreams during my childhood. I was (an be still) fascinated by the egyptian history. I guess, I could walk for months through all the tempels, palaces, pyramids and graves to watch all the wonderful paintings and sculpturs and marveling the virtuosity of the creators.

      1. It was a wonderful experience but during the 2nd Gulf War so there were some tensions. It is also a third world country so the water and electricity would regularly go off and we would run out of food items. You will find some interesting stories under my BOOK category, and I have published a Kindle book about our time in Egypt.

        1. that might be true. And, I guess, the situation became worse because of the war.
          Currently, I’m preparing for my next trip. So, I’ll check your book later. I’ve too much to coordinate at the moment.

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