I’m back ….

610_8312-e_wThis week I have some more images taken during my last trip. Because I’m currently extremely busy, I didn’t write much. Nevertheless, I included a collection of images taken at different Christmas Markets in the Erzgebirge region.

While Christmas Markets are very common in Germany, they are quite new in those states once forming the German Democratic Republic (East Germany). You know, as a result of World War II, Germany was parted in two independent countries. In the eastern part Christianity was suppressed by the communistic / socialistic dictatorship. But, after the reunion in 1990 people were free again and many formerly suppressed traditions awake. So, Christmas Markets became popular here, too.  So, i.e. the Christmas Market in Seiffen was held for the 26th time this year. Thus, they started their Christmas Market right after the reunion.

A Christmas Market usually has many booths offering Christmas related decorations, candles and so on. You can also find booths offering food like bratwurst, grilled steaks or traditions winter food like Grünkohl (green cabbage), goulash or pea or lentil soup. Most popular are usually the beverage selling booths, where you can get i.e. Glühwein (a spiced, hot wine), Jagertee (a hot alcoholic drink from Austria), punch (similar to Glühwein, but often without alcohol), Lumumba, Grog (hot water with rum – common especially in the coastal areas).

Usually you can find a stage, where musicians, music bands or dancing groups perform. Often these are classes from local schools, private music schools, private ballet schools or private dancing schools.

Enjoy and have a peaceful Advent time.

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