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WPC: anticipation

610_7870-s_wThis week’s topic for the weekly photo challenge by “The Daily Post” is “anticipation”.

My last trip gave me so many options for this theme.

Enjoy the Advent time!




Take care!


Take care have a great weekend!

(as usual, you can see the photo enlarged, when clicking in it)

4 thoughts on “WPC: anticipation”

  1. I couldn’t get the photo to enlarge, but it looks like part of a Christmas market. We have a German Christkindeltmarket here this year and it’s a great way to anticipate Christmas and enjoy Advent. The entire Advent season is a building of anticipation but is all to often overlooked in the rush to Christmas. I hope your Advent is wonderful and your Christmas, too.


    1. hey, you guessed right, Janet, it’s part of a Christmas market. In this booth they sold Glühwein. I fixed the image. Thanks for the hint. My Advent is very stressful this year. Beside Christmas preparation, we have 4 birthdays in our family during December and 4 of my friends also. But, this year was different. We lost a preparation week because of the trip I mentioned in my post.

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