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Visiting the craftsmen in their workshops

610_8291_wDuring my latest trip, I also visited a few wood-carver workshops and manufacturer production halls as well as their showrooms or shops.

It’s so amazing, what fantastic and filigree things these people are able to create from wood.

I really recommend, visiting the open workshops or the craftsmen in their workshops to look, how they create their products. Then you’ll understand why the prices are so high. Everything is hand-made. Even the manufactories have a high percentage of hand-made tasks. And it’s stunning to see their artistry. In Seiffen you can find at least two big manufactories with enough room for a group of visitors. The craftsmen’s workshops are tiny and don’t have room for more than one or two visitors. The young lady in the image above shows her skills on the Christmas market in Anaberg-Buchholz. Some more images are in the gallery below.

Enjoy and have a peaceful Advent time.

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