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Travel Tuesday

As I already wrote, I changed my schedule a bit. You’re used to find my travel posts on Thursdays. Now, I shifted them to Tuesday. But, the content won’t change much. Despite, I try to reduce the number of images a bit to decrease the loading-time of the gallery.

Next, I’d like to introduce you to East-Frisia at the German North-sea cost.

The former pre-German tribe of the Frisians used to live along the North-sea, from around todays southern border of Denmark in the north down to the Netherlands in the west. So, you can find the West-Frisians in the Netherlands and the North-Frisians in very south-western Denmark and the western parts of the German state Schleswig-Holstein. In Lower-Saxony, the second biggest German state in size and the fourth biggest state in population, you can find the East-Frisians along the coast.

In the past, the East-Frisians have had the reputation of being silly, stupid and dull. They used to be farmer and fishermen (and wrecker). Today, that area is a popular holiday region. In both countries, in The Netherlands and in Germany, the Frisians are officially recognized as a minority with their own culture, history and language.

The history of being a vacation or cure region started at the end of the 18th century, when rich elders discovered especially the islands in front of the cost. Now, you have several options for your vacation here:

  • beach holidays
  • farm holidays for families with kids
  • biking or hiking holidays, because the region is quite flat and beautiful
  • horse and riding holidays
  • sailing, kiting or surfing holidays
  • cure your health in the salty air along the sea
  • observe animals, especially birds


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