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Travel Tuesday: wide land

610_4765_wAs I wrote in one of my last posts, the area at the German coast is very swallow and flat. The highest points, beside the huge wind engines and power poles are the dikes. The dikes were built to save the land from being overflooded during i.e. storms or storm tides. The water would be able to destroy the land or at least make it fruitless because of the salt. Also, people live next to the dikes and there are some nice towns.

People used to live as fishermen, farmers and rangers here. And you can still find many, many fields like the one in the image above growing rape, potatoes, corn, wheat and other grains. In the back, you can see the dike. I wasn’t far away from the shore while taking this photo.

The dikes not only part the beach from the fertile lands, they are also nice paths. There are usually good ‘roads’ along the dikes for checking and  preventive maintenance. So, lorries can use these roads. But, usually they are for pedestrians and bikers. Cars aren’t generally allowed. Often you have one of these roads on the water side and one on the land side. So, you can change to the land side road, when the wind becomes too strong for you on the sea-side. sometimes there is a third path on top of the dike. But, this is primarily for pedestrians and gives you a nice view over the sea to one side and the land to the other side.

Take care!