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Travel Tuesday: Encounter with sheep

Last week I told you a little bit about the landscapes at the Germany North-sea coast and the dikes.

The dikes are very sensitive buildings. To keep them in good shape, there are no machines allowed to use for i.e. mow the lawns on top of them. Therefore sheep are here to keep the grass short and their feed don’t endanger the soil. Perfect. In some areas there are meadows bordered with fences and in other areas the sheep are allowed to move over large areas freely while the people can simply walk across them.

That evening, we were faced with hundreds of sheep on our walk along the dike. Although, it wasn’t our first meeting with a herd of sheep on a dike, it was a remarkable encounter.

There are fences to hinder the sheep from running away or crossing streets. All the fences have gates for the people. Some gates have doors, while other gates are equipped with grids in the ground. Sheep won’t cross these grids while people can cross them easily with bikes, children’s push chair or strollers.

Take care!