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    1. yup. they tamed the ocean’s water level to live below the high water line, conquered land from the sea and used the wind for manufacturing as well as for conquering big parts of the world with their ships. You’re in South Africa. Are there still marks of the Dutch beside some names derives from the Buren language.

      1. An industrious nation… and there’s a rich legacy here in the Cape. The Cape/Dutch architecture and the many buildings from way back still exist – back to the 1650’s. There’s even a windmill – Mostert’s which still functions for grinding wheat. Many old vineyard estates; and the heart of Cape Town is laid out in the orginal grid system of roads. And their descendants 🙂

        1. a Dutch windmin in South-Africa. Sounds strange 🙂 Also, vineyards. The Dutch don’t have a reputation of being a nation of wine producers. Here, they only have a reputation of a nation of cheese producers and caravan-travellers. Great. thanks for the information, Liz

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