10 thoughts on “Throwback Thursday: Aurora”

      1. I remember seeing these, so unbelievable. I would be jumping for joy. Have family in Alaska and we have visited several times in the winter but, have never been lucky enough to see them.

          1. family lives in Anchorage and we just haven’t been lucky enough to see them when we have visited, I know they can see them there but odds increase further north in the state

            1. I looked up the latitude of Anchorage. It’s inside the Aurora band. So, you really have had bad luck. What a pity. But, in a few years the change will increase again, when solar activity increases.
              I’d have expected, the chances of clear night skies were better in Canada and Alska than Scandinavia, because of the not existing influence of the gulf stream.

              1. I have friends there now but in Fairbanks and further north. Looking forward to seeing their photos when they return! Thanks for all the information.

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