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Travel Tuesday: beach chairs


Here we have a beach chair. In German it’s called a Strandkorb. Strand = beach and korb = (a woven wicker) basked.

It’s very common along the German coasts. You can find them at the beach, but also in private gardens or in other public places. As we have much of wind at the coasts, you sit inside very comfortable. I keeps the wind away and you can adjust the back to lean back. On the top you have a small adjustable sun shield. All the fabrics are weather resistant. They stay outside from carry spring until late fall. On one side (and sometimes on both sides) you can find a foldaway table i.e. for a drink.

At the public beaches you can find beach chairs to rent for your stay (a day, a part or your full holiday).

Take care!


2 thoughts on “Travel Tuesday: beach chairs”

    1. They are, Carolyn, they are.
      Although, we are far away from the sea, my wife has one in our garden 🙂
      It’s her tiny oasis. 🙂

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