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Another bad Sunday morning

6,5 years ago I got rang out on an early sunday morning for a death cat.

While friends of us took the middle 2 kittens, the oldest (a black female) and the youngest (a tubby male) stayed with us. Both of them are outdoors every night. 6 weeks ago both went out as usual, but the next morning the black one didn’t come back.

We have search for her for some days and hoped for the best. She was very shy and fearful, even at home. Maybe she was locked in a garage for a weekend or short holiday of the owner. Nothing happened 😦 So, we assumed she’d have passed away because of an accident and someone already had removed the corpse.

Saturday afternoon my daughter saw a post in a local Facebook group about a found black cat. When she got the address, my sons went to that house to look if it could be our cat. She hid under the basement stairs out of their reach. A tiny, shy, injured, black cat. Offering her some food, water and a blanked they left here alone hoping she’d come out. This Sunday morning we got the notice of her having passed away during that night. Probably because of her injuries.

Now, we were able to see that this one was our cat. The size and the white spots forming kind of a bra made us sure she was it.

So, both cats in the above image aren’t with us anymore.

Rest in peace!

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