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The vanishing of insects and birds

probably a large carder bee or moss carder bee (Bombusmuscorum) / Mooshummel

Last week I noticed a report saying biologists have discovered an enormous decrease in the amount of insects around over the last 25 years. They set up catches and caught insects over a certain time at the same places all over Europe. At the end of the catching period they weight the catch. Over the last 25 years they discovered, the catch shrink every year. Compared to the catch 25 years ago, they caught only 1/4 of the amount they caught 25 year ago. That’s a descent of 75%.

I believe this. When recalling the memories to my childhood, I remember very dirty front-screens of the cars after each longer trip in the countryside. Thousands of insect were smashed and have had to be removed. And nowadays? I’m still living in the same area, but I have to clean my front-screen only 2 or 3 time over the whole summer.

What does this mean? First of all, less food for the birds and other insectivores. But, it also means, there are less insects for pollination our food-plants. Over the next years we have to find a solution to bring back insects. This would also have an effect to the insectivores, especially the birds.

Don’t forget, not only the insects die. The vanishing of the local insects gives room for insects from other areas that don’t have enemies here but could endanger our health (think i.e. of the tiger mosquito bringing different kinds of dangerous illnesses).

So, don’t spray insecticides over your plants. Try to find natural ways to keep the unwanted insects away from your house and your garden. Give insectivores a home in your garden or near your house. Try to buy your food from farmers which avoid the usage of spraying insecticides (this is also a benefit for your own health because there is less poison to remove before you eat the food!)

Btw. there’s also a post from Solveig of “Penty of Amelie” focused on the vanishing of the birds that might get your interest, too.

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11 thoughts on “The vanishing of insects and birds”

  1. I grew up in Michigan and have lived there most of my life. Having been living in Las Vegas nearly five years now I can say with confidence that there are far fewer bugs here in the desert. That’s normal but in Michigan, there is no shortage of bugs unfortunately. Makes me wonder if your area is going through a cycle and that the bugs would one day return.

    1. that might be, John, more probable the reason for this are the enormous poisoning of the agricultural areas as well as the removal of lynchets. So, nearly no wildlife habitats for hares, rabbits, birds and insects are left. It’s seems only mosquitos will survive (especially, when there are nearly nor bird left to catch them). It’s not only in my area. According to the researchers this phenomenon is detected in many, many places all over Europe.

  2. At the same time prevailing agricultural practices remain one of the main drivers for environmental degradation and ecosystem breakdown. for too long now… Insect deaths mean Bird Deaths (about 400 millions the last 30 years). Despite promises of substantial decreases in the use of pesticides, it has increased by 20% in France, over the last seven years. We have to be ready for… 😦 “The World According to Mon santo”…

  3. Very sad. During this year, I continually saw very weak bees inside my office and home that were trying to fly but they just couldn’t. I have read that it is because the flowers are scarce in the city and, as you said, people use pesticides on them. When I see this bees, I usually put honey or even sugar on bottlecaps at the side of the bee and later I check out to confirm that they flew away again, and it works. A good idea would be to plant flowers without the use of pesticides at the roofs of the buildings in the cities. Have a great day!

  4. You are so right .. don’t use insecticides they kill the good guys too, and aren’t good for the environment, there are organic options. Thankfully our garden is full of bugs, neighbours bees visit, and there are those lovely fat bumblebees .. I love my flowers 🙂

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