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Travel Tuesday: Ringed Plover

common ringed plover or ringed plover (Charadrius hiaticula) / Sandregenpfeifer

Take care!


2 thoughts on “Travel Tuesday: Ringed Plover”

  1. Bonjour Andr√©:) Grand Gravelot is a Cutie…About 250 nesting couples in Brittany FR. They enjoy beaches over here, but the youngest ones often die… during summer period. People walking by the beach may unknowingly “crush” eggs, nestlings, at low-water mark, on seaweed path. Ringed Plover have to reconstruct nests several times during season, because ot tide cycles mainly… enjoy a great day:)

    1. Merci beaucoup, Solveig for your supplement information. yes, the ground-breeding birds have a hard job because of ignorant people.
      Another example: a few years ago, when I was on Helgoland (, I saw a young guy taking selfies with his cell phone and a grey seal only about 3 or 4 meters behind him. That’s Germany biggest predator. Despite looking clumsy when laying on the beach, they are quite quick and will catch you. The recommended distance is about 30 meters.

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