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Monochrome Madness 5-05 / 211

The Old man of Storr, an iconic rock ensemble, on the Isle of Skye. You can reach the group after climbing the mountain side for about an hour like a sheep or a mountain goat. The group is locate approximately 450m above the sea and the name giving “Old man” is about 48m high. The Storr is the name of the whole mountain formation (750 m high), where the rock needles grew out (they were created by the rain while the surrounding material eroded and only the harder parts survived). They have a fantastic view downhill to the sea, the neighbouring islands and even the Scottish mainland (assumed the sight is good enough).

This is my contribution to Monochrome Madness organized by Leanne Cole.

“Monochrome Madness” is now in its fifth year of existence. Look at Leanne’s site on Thursday (Australian time), to see many more monochrome images created by many other talented photographers from all over the world.

I’d also encourage you to participate. The conditions are  published in each of her Monochrome Madness posts.

Take care!

6 thoughts on “Monochrome Madness 5-05 / 211”

  1. Are you familiar with the photographer, Kamil Vojnar? I can’t get enough of his work after wandering into his Provence gallery… His work spills forth the stories which I am mad for. 😉

    1. No, I didn’t know him. But, I checked his website and looked on his images. They are kind of odd. Irritating and in the same moment fascinating. A bit of horrifying. Like thoughts of a mad / ill mind. Probably a product of fear and abuse.

      A perfect fit to your own recent post of Vincent van Gogh and the images from the clinic he stayed.

      1. Yes, but I loved his work for the stories he tells. I’ve spent years working with those who have been to hell and back and I’ve had a few trials of my own so they really speak to me which is why I feel so strongly about them. I know that boat of yours has a story or two as well.

        1. ok, so you have some personal experiences and that makes these images kind of familiar for you. For me, it’s a more distant point of view, just like an outsider. I can understand, that there were certain things moving him to create such strong (and sometimes even creepy for me) images.
          That, what moves one has to come out (in a creative process) or it will kill him. That’s, what makes an artist.

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