2 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday: barn swallow during rain”

  1. WoW! Just Amazing photo Andre! truly love the way you captured moment of Pretty Barn Swallow; this Hirondelle is very Expressive too!:). Oh and by the way, we noticed lately a nest of Coloeus monedula 😉 Jackdaws, located in chimney flue (left gable) which is never used, sure they know!! 😉 and I must admit that they are really, really noisy Noisy… early morning in particular;-)
    see you:)

    1. thanks, Solveig. I’m very happy about that image. It’s definitely on the shortlist of my best images of 2018.
      Yep, jackdaws make a lot of noise and they are well known for building their nest inside of chimneys. Many people already died of intoxication with carbon monoxide, because of a jackdaw nest inside the chimney hindered the smoke to leave the chimney upwards. One of the reasons chimney sweeper had to check the chimneys on a regular basis. Fortunately, modern chimneys are usually to tight for building a nest inside or otherwise secured.

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