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Throwback Thursday: surprise in the blooming field

Starting from last week Wednesday we had a few very summerly days. Blue sky, hot sun and temperatures around 30°C during the days. So, I took my camera and headed to the bloomy areas to chase butterflies. Every now and then, I saw a very angry-looking insect in strong yellow and black colors. It alerted me and caught my attention. I’ve never seen such an insect before. It reminded me to a wasp but it was way bigger: about 2 cm long and much fatter than a wasp. Also the face was broader and rounder then a wasps face. The biggest wasp here is a hornet. But, a hornet is colored very different. After studying several books to find out, what insect I found, I guess, I found it: Anthidium manicatum, commonly called the European wool carder bee (Große Wollbiene). One of the 524 bee species living in Germany.

The bees I know, are more brownish or black and not in such a bright yellow. The only insect I knew before in such an intense yellow is the wasp.

Just in case, someone knows it better, please drop me a line. I also have some more images 🙂

Take care!

9 thoughts on “Throwback Thursday: surprise in the blooming field”

  1. Salut Andre!:) I love this: “So, I took my camera and headed to the bloomy areas to chase butterflies…” LOL… and :” I’ve never seen such an insect before. It reminded me to a wasp but it was way bigger” Hahaha… I read that European wool carder bee attack honey bees but are good pollinators!! … Last, quite Hot days here in Brittany…I enjoy Sunny weather but not too “Mucho Calor” 😉 enjoy a great summer period! will you have a Getaway in Brittany region during summer Andre?

    1. Hi Solveig,
      this year, neither France nor Brittany is on my travel map 😢. But, I want to come back soon. Next time, I guess, I’ll probably head to Morbihan or to the southern coast in the Carnac area.

  2. No you are absolutely right is a wool carder bee. They are solitary bees, don’t sting but are very territorial. You can pick them also by the way they dart to and fro …😃

  3. Carnac area is nice… but too much Touristic area!:) but sure, it’s worth a visit! 😉 but I bet you’d enjoy a lot Crozon-Peninsula and breathtaking views over there… 🙂

    1. hmm, thanks, Solveig, I’ll check it out online. Visiting Astérix is probably a good idea 🙂
      According to Carnac, you might be right.

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