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Monochrome Monday 5-17

When I was on the Isle of Skye in Scotland, I passed an enchanted forest. A very strange experience. Beside the street, the trees were quite small but seemed to be old. The ground was covered by bog and even the trees were the base for other plants.

Despite  Leanne Cole currently pauses Monochrome Madness, I’m continuing with my monochrome images.

6 thoughts on “Monochrome Monday 5-17”

  1. Thank you for saying you saw an enchanted forest. These sorts of things are going extinct and someone need sto ekep them alive.

    1. yup, gardens are kept clean. Forests are about to get extinct. The humans rule the world and by dominating it, they decide what is worthy to survive.

    1. A glass bottom boat 😳 I‘ve never tried that. But, I know some documentaries from the kelp forests. Really amazing

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