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Throwback Thursday: In the Alpes

Two weeks ago, I was visiting my brother in Switzerland. I hoped for better conditions for star photography. You know, I’m living in one of the worst parts of Europe for this kind of photography because of the enormous rate of light pollution (get a light pollution map and find the purple area in the middle of Europe. South-East of it, in the red area, you can find my home area).

I was right, the conditions were much better, but not as good as they were in northern Norway.

The small, bright line heading from the center to the lower-left corner, is a falling star. In mid August you can spot the presides shower. While we saw some of them in the sky, I only captured this one with my camera.

Take care!

3 thoughts on “Throwback Thursday: In the Alpes”

  1. How Great again André! Back to early August, I told you about “Starry night Air event” (28th edition) in France, and about “The Parc du Radôme”, Planetarium located in Pleumeur-Bodou. We went there but Miss G 😉 my Foxie Terrier was not allowed to come in. So I gave up, and we went for a walk into the woods in the area. Anyway, I will certainly get back to Planetarium in the coming weeks or months?… Enjoy a Great Week End anyone 🙂

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